Zen Renewables Products
Zen Renewables Ireland
The ZEN group delivers high quality solar thermal systems and components for all sort of heating and cooling applications. The solar domestic hot water systems are considered state of the art technology in North Western Europe.

ZEN Renewables developped a unique system of solar water heating and has an own manufacturing company (ZEN Production, Belgium). Unique to the system is the DRAIN BACK principle.  No chemicals used (such as glycol), no maintenance, long-life expectations and endurable product parts.

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Newform Energy Products
Newform Energy Ireland
Newform Energy is a forward thinking renewable energy company which places major emphasis on R&D. The company was the first in the UK to bring to market PV-T; a single solar panel which combines both PV and solar thermal collectors.

Newform Energy believes that the smart integration of different renewable energy technologies within a system means the individual components work more effectively. Using hybrid solutions, Newform Energy can significantly reduce a building’s carbon footprint. Through constant research and partnerships in renewable energy, the company continues to drive development of low energy and zero carbon buildings.

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